Western Mass Critical Incident Stress Management

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The Western MA Critical Incident Stress Management (WMCISM) Team is composed of emergency service personnel of all disciplines, clergy, and mental health professionals who volunteer their time, energy and resources to assist emergency personnel in dealing with the harmful effects of stress.

The WMCISM Team was founded and is sponsored by Western Mass EMS, and all team members must undergo specialized training in individual, peer support and group crisis intervention as aligned with the certification principles of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. (ICISF) The WMCISM Team is part of the Massachusetts Peer Support Network, is available 24/7, and serves emergency responders in Fire Districts 9, 10, 11, 12 (the 4 counties of Western MA)

How to get involved with the Team:

Step 1 – Obtain your GRIN (Group, Peer Support, and Individual) CISM Certifications by attending a 3-day training course through ICISF or DFS-LMS. Browse DFS Catalog (Search for number 680 to locate the program). EMAIL our office when you have registered, so we can prioritize your spot in the class

Step 2 – email a copy of your certificates to Lisa Herringshaw

Step 3 – Fill out the WMCISM Team Volunteer Information Application at: GoogleDoc Team Application

You will be contacted when we have a specific opening (peer, clinician, etc.) and will then need to:

Step 4 – complete the Schedule of Recent Experiences (you’ll be asked to bring this with you to your interview)

Step 5 – Interview with members of our Team Administration and possibly attend a quarterly team meeting to gauge your interest and fit with the team.. Review the WMCISM Team Guidelines and Protocols Manual (provided on acceptance to the Team)

Step 6– Observe, then lead, some debriefings, defusing, and 1:1’s to maintain your proficiency with CISM interventions